Steve Alpert


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“Putting paint on canvas is everything to me. The images I make in oil paint are my ambassadors of love, honor and respect for all life,” says Steve Alpert, the accomplished and nationally recognized artist who is currently painting the series of portraits.

Hailing from Manhattan, Alpert spent three successful decades as a producer and director in the television industry before making the switch to painter. A few years after taking up his brush and mastering landscape techniques, he became interested in military art. Although he has no personal experience in the military, he explains, he felt drawn to create “images that bring honor and respect to the lionhearted individuals who serve others, extolling the virtues of ordinary people who deliberately put them-selves into extraordinary circumstances.”

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Alpert’s art has received distinction from such sources as the Pentagon, where his series “Full Honors” is on display; and Joe Biden, then the Vice President of the U.S., who displayed Alpert’s triptych “Portrait of a Woman” at Biden’s home in the Naval Observatory during the 2015 holiday season. The latter painting is now part of the art collection at the Women in Military Service for America Museum at Arlington National Cemetery.

Alpert’s paintings are included in the permanent art collections at other national military museums, including the Naval War College Museum and the National Museum of the Marines Corps. His work has been exhibited by fine art galleries across the U.S. as well.