Overview & Mission

the project

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The Proudly She Served Portrait Series offers a beautiful and powerful testimony and celebration of military and veteran women, who exemplify courage, strength, and selfless service…everyday heroes who have made an impact through their service to our country and inspire the generations following in their footsteps.

The Proudly She Served project highlights women military veterans and their service and raises awareness of the challenges many women face when transitioning to life outside of the military,

The portrait series includes twelve 36x30 inch oil paintings and captivating stories highlighted in a beautiful coffee table book. Through its beautiful portraits and captivating stories, the portrait series offers a glimpse into why these women chose to serve in the military and why they are proud of their military service. Each woman’s perspective is uniquely different, but together they tell a bigger story and passes on a lasting legacy to inspire future generations to reach for their dreams.

The goal of the Portrait Unveiling & Book Launch followed by the National Exhibition Tour is to:

  • Honor military women veterans and thank them for serving
  • Offer transition support and a helping hand as women veterans define their post military career goals and next steps
  • Inspire and educate our youth on the importance of serving our communities and country (whether in a military or non-military role)

Sponsorship Opportunities

The PROUDLY SHE SERVED organization’s Sponsorship team is meeting with potential donors & sponsors to help promote and support the series and to ensure the project has national exposure and a wide target market. Sponsorship of the project provides the opportunity to support military and veteran women and to honor these every-day heroes. Sponsorship will also directly support the Portrait Unveiling & Book Launch and the exhibition tour of the portraits.

Proudly She Served Portrait Unveiling & Book Launch

The Portrait Unveiling & Book Launch is planned for August of 2022, during Women’s History month at the Military Women’s Memorial in Arlington, VA. The gala will be an  evening event, with food, drinks and live music. The (12) original paintings (and coffee table book) will be unveiled. All the women depicted in the portraits will be present. There will be opening remarks from well-known Southwest Airline Captain, Tammie Shults, former Navy pilot who safely landed the Southwest flight from New York when an engine exploded.

National Exhibition Traveling Tour

The paintings will travel to a selected number of schools, colleges, universities and museums to inspire young women to follow their dreams and break their own glass ceilings. The vision is to set up a one-day event at each traveling site and host a special event for high school and college girls.  One of the portrait veterans could attend the event to share their own story and inspire and encourage the young women. Books could also be offered during the exhibition tour (or purchased by sponsors and provided to the attendees).

1st National Women Veterans Conference

The PROUDLY SHE SERVED project will raise funds to host a series of day-long YOUR BEST SELF conferences (location to be determined) within the year following the Gala event. The conference is exclusively for women veterans. The conference will feature a 2-day selection of impactful, transformational and inspirational keynotes and workshops uniquely planned for women veterans and will focus on the key tenets of being YOUR BEST SELF.