Honoring Military Women Who Exemplify Courage, Strength & Selfless Service

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Sarah Fischer
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The COVID pandemic has affected us all and impacted our lives significantly. The Proudly She Served project decided a few months ago to push our timeline into mid to late 2022. We will announce our new timeline in the next few months but wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce the project and highlight our amazing women active-duty military and veterans who are participating in the project.

The Mission of Proudly She Served is to highlight women who served or who have served in the U.S. military ~ their service and sacrifice, raise awareness of the challenges many face when transitioning to life outside of the military, and to offer transition support and a helping hand as they define their post military career goals and next steps.

The Proudly She Served Portrait Series offers a beautiful and powerful testimony and celebration of military and veteran women, who exemplify courage, strength, and selfless service ~ everyday heroes who have made an impact through their service to our country and inspire the generations following in their footsteps. The series is a combination of well-known women veterans and lesser well-known heroes.  Through its beautiful portraits and captivating stories, the portrait series offers a glimpse into why these women chose to serve in the military and why they are proud of their military service. Each woman’s perspective is uniquely different, but together they tell a bigger story and passes on a lasting legacy to inspire future generations to reach for their dreams.

The project includes a series of twelve 36x30 inch oil paintings and captivating stories highlighted in a beautiful coffee table book.   The project’s executive director is New York based artist, Steve Alpert.  Steve’s paintings are included in the Pentagon, the Women in Military Service for America Museum at Arlington National Cemetery, the Naval War College Museum and the National Museum of the Marine Corps. His work has been exhibited by fine art galleries across the U.S. as well.  A beautiful coffee table book featuring photographs of the portraits and biographical vignettes will accompany the portrait series.

The stories highlight the women’s experiences during their military careers including challenges and successes. The women also share the mantras they live by and who inspired them along their journey.  Each woman’s story and perspective is uniquely different, but together weave a beautiful tapestry that tells a bigger story of a common bond of service and passes on a lasting legacy to inspire future generations to reach for their dreams.

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