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We will be having a series of guest blog posts over the next few months from our Proudly She Served influencers and portrait participants. Here's Jennifer Foxworthy to tell you about an exciting goal she recently completed!



Goals and success are not found in the Comfort Zone.  They are found in adversity and passion.  

In May 2020 I earned my fourth college degree with a Masters in Social Work from Salisbury University.  For most graduates, the next step is to become a Licensed Master Social Work (LMSW) in the state they reside in.  I initially scheduled the exam for November 2020 but with all the health issues my mother was having, I decided to postpone until February of 2021.  I knew I should have pushed the exam back again after my mother passed in December of 2020, but I felt I could do it.  Unfortunately, I failed the exam by one question.  I needed 100 questions correct and I got 99.  Talk about a gut punch!  After the tears and venting, I became more focused and intentional.  I tried another strategy to study.  

I am excited to share that I not only passed the exam, but have received the official license approval from the Maryland Department of Health Board of Social Work Examiners.  Whoop Whoop!  Each degree I have allows me to be the subject matter expert in my profession so I can help people more effectively.

I pray this post encourages someone to not give up on reaching their goals.  If one strategy doesn't work then try another.  You must keep a Focused, Intentional, and Thriving Mindset in order to be successful.  

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